Welcome to LaterLife Retirement Planning & Finance in the UK

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LaterLife Retirement Planning is a new approach to retirement education and retirement planning. In the introduction we guide you on how to make the most of the site for both educating yourself on all the different aspects and then planning and taking action.

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Retirement - Planning

How to go about planning your retirement finances in the UK based on the retirement lifestyle you want. Including planning retirement income, pension decisions and planning your retirement lifestyle. 

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Retiring Soon?


In our soon to retire section we identify the things you need to think about as you approach and enter retirement, including a checklist of key things to do.

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Planning by Age

Whether you are planning for yourself, or helping a son or daughter with their plans, you'll find our timeline section timeline section invaluable as a quick guide to the things you need to think about and do something about at each stage of life. 

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Products and Services

Products and Services - if you have a specific topic that you need help on we provide both education on that topic and then details of  products and services that are relevant at different stages of life and of retirement.

Make the most of retirement with LaterLife
Welcome to LaterLife Retirement Planning & Finance

LaterLife is all about helping you plan to make the most of your later life.

Financial Education
One of the biggest problems for most of us is getting to grips with all the financial terminology, the products and services that are available and the myriad options and decisions. At LaterLife we try and make it simple for you to learn as you go, build up your knowledge and to make those important decisions. 

Different approaches
To make it easy for you to take the approach you need we have a section to guide you on how to go about Planning your overall retirement finances but also a Products and Services section so that if you have a specific need you can go straight to the information you want. 

Planning by age
We also make it easy to focus what's important at each stage of your life and to provide reminders by providing our timeline at 10 yearly intervals.
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Retirement Planning

LaterLife Retirement Planning provides a new ‘Lifestyle led approach’ to providing financial education and financial retirement planning in the UK to enable everyone to plan and make the most of their retirement.

The information provided covers retirement planning at every stage of life and is focused around set timelines from age 20 all the way through to retirement and then through the different stages of retirement.


The information, products and services, cater for those of us with modest financial assets as well as those in a comfortable financial position. 

This new approach marries LaterLife’s renowned retirement lifestyle expertise, delivered through its retirement workshops and www.laterlife.com  web site, with thinking from the best qualified financial planners in today’s highly regulated financial environment